Avoiding the Hype When Evaluating Internet Marketing Products

Everyone online who is or has been interested in making money has had to evaluate a money making educational course at one time or another. We all get bombarded with ads for the latest and greatest magic bullet book or video course that promises to teach you how to rake in the dough. Unfortunately sometimes the marketing for these things is so strong that we can get caught up in the hype and before we know it we have bought a new product without even a real clue as to what exactly it is going to do for us. Over the years I have learned how to not only combat this marketing bombardment but also to evaluate products in a way that will help to ensure they are going to be beneficial for me and my company.

One of the best things I did to get away from a lot of the marketing is I filtered all of my incoming mail from marketers that only sent me email that was trying to sell me something. It was pretty much all of them in the end. I did not want to just unsubscribe from their list because I wanted to still have a feel for what was going on in the marketplace but I did not want to see the messages everyday either. So I just filtered them to an archive that I can check every now and then when I feel the need. This did great things for my focus and productivity.

Another thing I did that helped with choosing products to buy and implement was I made sure to choose products that would help whatever it was that I was focusing on at the time regardless of the marketing hype. What this means is that if I am working on a product launch then I would not buy a marketing product that would teach me the latest and greatest trick to make money with contextual advertising. Since I made this a rule for myself it is a little easier to avoid the hype. No matter how good the marketing is I avoid the product if it does not fit into what I am doing at the time.

Following these rules has done great things for my productivity and my ability to focus on what I am doing. Implement them in your day to day activities and I think you will get a similar boost in output.