Beware of Internet Marketers Product Launches

I like to help people the old fashioned way: By telling them the truth.

You’re probably aware of how internet marketers launch their products or you may be totally new on the block. If you’re new, allow me to fill you in.

If you’re here to learn about how to have a successful product launch, you may want to know a few things that the big guys won’t tell you.

Recently there has been a tidal wave of product launches with these “gurus” totally going big. I mean, I used to see product launches going from $77 to $97 but now these guys are raising the bar about how much money they take out of your pocket.

The recent product launches have gone through the roof. They’ve found a way around making small money. They want you to shell out hundreds of dollars.

I’ve come across 3 recent internet marketers product launches and it’s well over $1500 for a course. Some are nearly $2000.

Now, if you’re new and really want to learn, you’ll be tempted to jump in with your two feet. It’s great to want to learn how to really make money online but once you get sucked into a huge product launch you’ll find that the reality of really making money is very, very difficult.

Many will tell you that they will show you a blueprint but they won’t tell you that on top of the money you’ve just paid, you still have to pay money to set up and run a campaign properly.

In order to make money, you need money to get started if you want to really make it big in internet marketing. So before you take an honest look at all of your options and do as much online research as possible before making the commitment to jump into another product launch.

You’ll also be sold with words like “shocking video” “what the gurus don’t tell you” “hidden formula” and a whole bunch of tired hype.

Stay clear from the internet marketing hype. Go to Google and type in the name of the niche you’re interested in getting into. for example, if it’s “make money” or “internet marketing” or “affiliate marketing” Make the search engine your friend.

Next, when you find a company or site that really peaks your interest, see if you can get someone on the phone or have someone call you.

You’d be surprised at how much most internet marketers lack real customer service. If you can’t at least get an email back within a couple of days, forget it and move on.

Remember how important your life savings and money is to you and instead of throwing it away on a huge product launch that promises you the bells and whistles, make sure to trust your gut instinct.