Case Against (Most) Internet Marketing Products

I am here to say most internet marketing products suck. I don’t know what the intention of the product creator is, but I firmly believe that they are out to take my money away from me.

Below, I listed down 3 reasons why I believe most internet marketing products suck.

#1 Most of them are rehashed contents from a higher-priced product by true-guru

Do you know the man who popularized the term PPV? It’s Gauher Chaudhry. But do you know the price of that product? It’s 4 frickin’ figure. Most people can’t afford this – but even the ever anti-guru like me loves it.

Since not everyone can afford it, these product creators are out creating e-books on Pay-Per-View.

The best thing is: it’s basic and probably misleading. Maybe they got the definition right, but the whole strategy to make money using PPV is wrong.

#2 Most of them don’t even credit their sources

Yeah, learning from some great guru is great, but if you don’t credit the one who taught you those methods… you are ungrateful son of a gun (I should say b*****d, but well, I refrained myself from saying that).

If they insist it’s their techniques, prove them. Ah no, they don’t have proof. They have their bank statement, and their account balance shown on the sales letter. Oops, maybe they steal it somewhere else, right? Or maybe they play with the HTML and make people believe that they really do make that kind of money!

Interesting, don’t you think? Unfortunately, I disliked people who ripped other people’s techniques, and say it’s theirs.

#3 Most of them are misleading – instead of pointing to the right path, they’re making people go to the wrong way

This is like the first reason why most internet marketing products suck. Instead of teaching me how to make money using those techniques, they are teaching me on how to lose money using those techniques.

Imagine learning about AdWords, but there’s not a chapter on Quality Score. I think that’s a sure fire way to kill yourself. Low QS will lead to higher bid cost, and if they recommended you to set your daily limit to $500… I don’t know what to say.

(Hint: you should only set your daily limit to where you are COMFORTABLY losing it.)

Not everyone suck. There are rare few who did produce great products.

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